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The company's entire glass processing activities have been concentrated under the same roof in Forssa – to modern production premises of 10 500 m². The most advanced technology of the field, more than 25 years' experience of glass processing as well as a genuine desire to serve our customers in the best possible manner facilitate the manufacturing of more and more challenging and highly refined glass solutions, comprising both flat and curved glass products.

This means that our company is known for its unprejudiced attitude towards product development. This approach has produced several significant innovations of the field, such as the bending methods applied to demanding spherical, conical and parabolic glasses.


Production and production machinery

  • Production premises of approx. 10 500 m²
  • Flat laminating line, with the maximum size of 2600 x 4500.
  • Flat tempering furnace, with the maximum size of 2400 x 4200 mm.
  • Several bending furnaces for annealed and laminated glasses (maximum size 3200 x 6000 mm)
  • Two bending and tempering furnaces (maximum size 2400 x 4200 mm)
  • Several vertical and horizontal grinding machines.
  • Several automated grinding and drilling lines.
  • Three CNC machine tools (maximum size of 2600 x 5000 mm)
  • Insulating glass production unit for curved glasses, with the maximum size of 6000 x 3210 mm.
  • Four automated glass cutting lines.
  • Two autoclaves, with the maximum size of 6000 x 3210 mm.
  • Sandblasting line, with the maximum size of 2400 x 6000 mm. (blasting height 2000mm)
  • Machining unit for aluminium structures.


  • Kiasma, contemporary art museum: All glass works
  • Helsinki Court House: Indoor glass walls
  • Shopping mall IdeaPark: Shopfront glass walls and glass railings
  • Shopping mall Sello: Shopfront glass walls
  • Arts and Congress Center, Verkatehdas: Glass railings and coloured outer glass walls
  • Shopping mall Trio: Shopfront glass walls
  • Railway station of Espoo: Facade glassworks, glass seilings and indoor glass walls
  • Helsinki Music Centre: Glass railings and indoor glass railings
  • Shopping mall Karisma: Shopfront glass walls and railings
  • Helsinki Airport: A number of inner glass walls
  • Shopping mall Veturi: Shopfront glass walls
  • Shopping mall Forum Jyväskylä: Shoprfont glass walls and glass railings
  • Shopping mall Koskikeskus: Glass railings
  • Shopping mall Willa: Shopfront glass walls
  • Shopping mall Forum Helsinki: Glass railings
  • Shopping mall Itis: Shopfront glass walls
  • Railway station of Leinelä: Glass roofs and glass corridors
  • Postitalo: Steel glass railings and stairs
  • Huslab: Indoor glass walls, glass railings, curved conical glasses and fire resistant glass walls
  • Schenker: Indoor glass walls and exit stairs
  • Tapiola Parking Facilities: Parking facilities entrances and glass walls
  • Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: SInner Glass Walss, Elevators glass walls, Glass railings 
  • Metrokeskus / Iso-Omena shopping centrum: ShopFront glass walls, glass railings

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